XTREME Air Balls

Non Stop Fun for the whole party

Welcome to the Newest Soccer Game which guarantees a lot of laughter and a lot of bumping. Non-Stop action for you and everyone who participates in this one of a kind Entertainment. You will be enjoying yourself so much you will think your a kid again. Once the whistle starts the game, everybody flies straight into action to bump each other. There’s a lot of laughing watching everyone,  bumping, bouncing, rolling, especially from all the spectators. We guarantee your will talk and laugh about your experience for days to come!

Play 6v6 on Sand, Turf, Grass, Gymnasium or Auditorium.  Easy to play, easy to set up and easy to enjoy the most unforgettable soccer experience inside a ball!  For boys or girls ages 10+

Great for Parties, Company Picnics, Corporate Parties, Special Events, Charity, Fundraising, family or friend gatherings

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