The Futboleros Soccer PK “Perfect Kick”, perfect for all ages and levels.It’s the Perfect training device.It’s an elasticstring which you attach a ball at the end.Easy to attach any size ball with only 2 velcro’s.The ball comes back to you every time you kick it.Designed to improve any soccer players passing, shooting, receiving, throw-ins and juggling.Use it Indoors or outdoors anywhere, this PK will keep your child busy kicking till they get it. No personal trainers needed.Maximize your touches in minutes. Don’t get fooled by the cheap ones. Official Futboleros product.Ideal for any soccer players forward, defense or goalie. High quality with easy adjustable cord. Fits ball sizes 3-4-5.Available in red or yellow colors.Ball Not included. Order below

Order the PK with or without a BALL

Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW


Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW 00006

Want to keep you child busy kicking the ball and off the TV or Phone? This is all you need, Futboleros Perfect Kicker, put any soccer ball inside the velcro sack, velcro the belt around your waist and kick-away for hours developing kicking skills using the inside, outside and top of the shoelaces. This is a great training devise when kids are not practicing or bored at home. You can use this inside or outside. Light weight, durable and easy to manage. Get yours today, don't wait, limited quality available during soccer seasons and the holidays! During the lockdown, the best way to practice is to practice alone. Futboleros Perfect Kicker is the best solution for you and your ever-active kids. No need for a training partner anymore! Keep them busy. Keep them entertained. And watch them improving every day. Stop wasting time chasing the ball. Increase your repetitions and effectiveness of your training sessions. You can pass in whatever direction and height you want. This is the type of realistic training you need. Official Futboleros Product, don't get fooled by the knockoffs. (Ball NOT Included)

  • Comes in Red or Yellow
  • An elite touch
  • Increased training efficiency
  • Ball control master
  • Perfected passing technique
  • Hold balls sizes 3-4-5
$25 In stock
Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW Futboleros PK "Perfect Kicker" - YELLOW