Futboleros Academy camps provide a platform for players of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to challenge themselves in an exciting environment consisting of challenging camp games, ball mastery, skills, tactical and physical instruction.

Futboleros Academy camp weeks are taught by Academy Director “James Ortega” AKA “Hollywood, a soccer celebrity soccer pro entertainer / freestyler and x-pro soccer player. “Hollywood’s” precise step-by-step teaching methods create a crystal clear picture of each skill through demonstration, explanation and participation. Futboleros Academy brings you a one of a kind experience with over 100 drills to keep players focus. “Hollywood’s” goal is to produce a skillful player – one who can respond intuitively to any game situation with the right technique and skill while at the same time make the correct tactical decision under pressure with strength, speed, flair, and imagination. Futboleros Academy Camps will emphasize all the essential skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping, creativity, game and performances.

Futboleros Academy camps are divided into groups based on age and skill level. Small sided games will be played at the end of every session for game experience. Guaranteed to get your child to the next level. All morning sessions are dedicated to physical warm up, technical training and developing skills. We create thousands of touches on the ball to make it exciting to improve your child's game.

All assistant coaches are highly skilled players and great with children who love to teach the game of soccer. We offer a ratio of 1 to 12, coach to player ratio this way we are able to give individualized focus and training.

Explore your options below to find the programming that best fits your player! For more information call 310-770-8033 or sign up below. We will follow all current county health guidelines to keep all campers safe. Temperatures will be checked, coaches wear masks, campers are encouraged to wear masks, frequent use of hand sanitizer and frequent equipment cleaning will be done.


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